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📁 Upload

In the top right corner of the web interface, there is an upload button. Clicking it will open a file picker. You can select multiple files and upload them.

What kinds of files are supported?

We accept all files that have a mime type of image or video.

How does it work?

The upload process works in the following way:

  • Check if file is on the server by comparing the hash md5 + user_id
  • If it is, don't upload it
  • If it isn't, upload it
  • We upload files in 1MB chunks
  • If all files are uploaded, we scan the your scan folder + /upload/web

Where are the files saved?

  • If all the chunks are uploaded, we combine them into a single file and put them in your scan folder + /upload/web

Activate / Deactivate the upload feature

You can activate / deactivate by navigating as an admin to the admin area and clicking on the Allow uploads switch. You can also set this by setting the environment variable ALLOW_UPLOADS to true or false.