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๐Ÿ”ง Settings

There are three kinds of settings at the moment.


You can find your profile settings by clicking in the top right corner and click on Profile.

Here you can change your name, photo, e-mail address and preferences regarding thumbnail size, dark mode and language. You can also set if you want your profile to be accessible globally or not.

  • Avatar, First name, Last name will be shown if you share pictures with other users or when your profile is publically accessible
  • E-mail is not used at the moment.
  • Change password is for changing your password
  • Thumbnail size will change the size of the pictures in the timeline view
  • Dark mode will change the theme from light to dark
  • Language will change the settings
  • Public Sharing will set if you can be found globally


These settings are user specific and will affect how scanning and saving works. At the bottom, you can also find experimental settings.

Scan Confidenceโ€‹

This setting affect how much certainty is needed for a tag to be added to a picture. Default Standard

If you set this to Top 100,Top 50, Top 10 you will get semantic search results instead of just looking at the EXIF data. It is disabled as default, because the first search takes a minute to get a response. After that it is fast. Default Disabled

Metadata Optionsโ€‹

  • Synchronize metadata to disk can enable the saving of the metadata to file or an xmp file. Default Off
  • Minimum image rating to interpret as favorite will change how favorites are read and saved. EXIF only supports the rating field and does not have a favorite field. Default 4
  • Default timezone sets how the exif timestamps should be read and written. Default UTC

Set date & time parsing rulesโ€‹

Here you can set how timestamps are parsed. You can find more information here

Experimental optionsโ€‹

Always transcode videos will transcode all videos on demand to h264 to improve compatibility. This is not yet well optimized.

Album Optionsโ€‹

  • Inferred faces confidence set the value, which inferred faces need to have to be shown in person albums.

Admin Areaโ€‹

These are settings that apply to the whole instance.

Site Settingsโ€‹

  • Allow user registration will enable a sign up button on the login page.
  • Allow uploads sets if uploading should be possible or not
  • Skip patterns Comma delimited list of patterns to ignore (e.g. '@eaDir,#recycle' for synology devices)
  • Mapbox API Key Do you want to see on a map where all your photos where taken (if a location is stored in your photos). Get a Map box API Key
  • Heavyweight Processes Number of workers, when scanning pictures. This setting can dramatically affect the ram usage. Each worker needs 800MB of RAM. Change at your own will. Default is 1.


The admin can change here the scan directory and password for users, or add new users to the system.

Worker Logsโ€‹

Shows how far jobs are progressed. For more information, go here