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Deleting imagesโ€‹

  1. Mark file as "deleted". Select the image you want to delete, go to the action button and click on "Move to Trash"
  2. Navigate to Trash.
  3. Select images you want to delete forever.

You can also remove the status "deleted", by click on the undo button.

Deleting the images from the file system only works, if LibrePhotos has the access to the images. If it is read only, files will not be deleted.

Deleting missing imagesโ€‹

Missing images can happen, when you moved files outside of the LibrePhotos photo folder or if you deleted them with a third party tool like the filesystem. In this case the metadata, thumbnail and faces still exist, but the actual file is not known to LibrePhotos.

There are two ways to deal with that:

  1. Move the files back to the LibrePhotos folder and do a rescan
  2. Delete the metadata of the missing images