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๐Ÿ—บ Places

The places tab is empty even though my photos have GPS dataโ€‹

To see your places on the map, we have to associate your pictures with actual places with reverse geocoding. At the moment, we use Mapbox for that. We know that a lot of users do not like it due to its pricing model, and we are working on a solution which is free and open source.

To make the places appear, you have to do the following steps:

  • create an account on Mapbox
  • after login go to 'Tokens' on the main menu
  • click on 'Create Token'
  • fill out the name (for example 'LibrePhotos')
  • leave the public scopes as there are
  • check following secret scopes:

After that, you have to do a full rescan, and then the places should appear. You can scan up to 100k images for free every month.

What will I gain from that?โ€‹

  • You can lookup actual places with the search
  • Autoalbums will have places in the title and there will be a map where you can see where the photos were that you took
  • Place Tree, Location Timeline and the places wordcloud will show up.