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Development: 2023 - December

· 2 min read
Niaz Faridani-Rad


  • 🚀 LibrePhotos: You can now download a large language model to post process captions

Now you can add previous attained knowledge to captions like names and places. This is a setting, which should only be used be high performance systems with at least 16GB RAM, because large language models are cutting edge tech.

  • 🚀 LibrePhotos: You can now see the image tag on the sidebar
  • 🚀 LibrePhotos: Tags in a caption will now add a new album in things
  • ✨ Frontend: Generated captions will now be shown as a suggestion
  • ✨ Frontend: Allow setting heavyweight worker higher than 3
  • ✨ Frontend: Added an edit mode for captions
  • ✨ Frontend: Face Labeling List is improved as entries render as buttons with a hover effect
  • ✨ Frontend: Added a warning when selecting a large captioning model
  • ✨ Frontend: Already existing tags will now get suggested, if you enter #
  • ✨ Frontend: Implemented a rich text editor for nice rendering of tags in caption textarea
  • ✨ Frontend: Continuation of migrating to RTQ (Implemented by sickelap)
  • ✨ LibrePhotos: Allow searching for lenses like "front camera"
  • ✨ LibrePhotos: Calculating Clip Embeddings is now a separate service
  • ✨ LibrePhotos: Image captioning is now a separate service and unloads after 30 seconds
  • ✨ LibrePhotos: Updated around a bunch of dependencies and updated language strings from the community
  • 🔨 Frontend: Changing the person in the lightbox, will now refetch correctly the new person
  • 🔨 LibrePhotos: Do not change capitalization when saving a caption
  • 🔨 LibrePhotos: Fix multiple issues when importing faces from Apple Smartphones
  • 🔨 LibrePhotos: Download models when changing captioning model

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